UAS Services

Midwest Natural Resources provides high resolution, true color aerial imagery and high definition video acquired via Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), aka “drones”. MNR’s FAA-certified remote pilots can efficiently capture aerial photography and video for a variety of applications such as mapping environmentally sensitive areas, construction sites, linear corridor route alternatives and many other areas of interest. Through the use of UAS, we provide up-to-date aerial imagery that can be used to document field conditions as needed in a timely fashion. Our UAVs are operated by personnel that have spent significant time in the field and therefore have a unique understanding of the local environment.

  • FAA Part 107 Compliant
  • UAV Liability Insurance Coverage
  • High Resolution Aerial Imagery (Nadir and Oblique)
  • High Definition Video
  • 3-Dimensional Modeling
  • Digital Surface Modeling
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Click below to view a sample of video captured by our UAS team.