Forestry Services

MNR offers forestry services in the realms of both natural forest ecology and urban tree management.

MNR staff are experienced with a variety of survey methods and have worked across diverse natural forested habitats. We offer our clients forest ecology and management services including:

  • U.S. Forest Service Common Stand Exam (CSE)
  • U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA)
  • Species Composition Surveys
  • Stand Density/Structure Analysis
  • Forest Soil Sampling
  • Forest Health Monitoring for Insects and Disease
  • Tree and Shrub Surveys

Tree preservation is becoming increasingly more important to cities and counties throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The MNR team includes professional foresters and Certified Arborists who provide a wide range of urban forestry services including:

  • Tree Inventories
  • Tree Preservation & Mitigation Plans
  • Tree Certification Plans
  • Woodland Assessments
  • Establishment of Tree Clearing Limits
  • Land Cover Mapping
  • Attending City/County Planning Meetings
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